Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 2

G was home one again today. I ran a few errands ALONE and when I got back he and T2 were building a mini greenhouse from a kit that we have had for ages but never bothered to make. I know that another time in the past she would most likely have been watching TV. T2 was so excited to show me what she had made and to tell me that she had done most of the work herself.

T2 wanted to paint her house next so we headed to the craft room where she painted it while I made a pillow for her. She had a favourite sweater with a poodle on the front and last time she wore it we declared it officially too small. She really didn't want to part with it so I cut out the poodle and sewed it on some fabric that matches her curtains and used the back of the sweater for the back of the pillow. IT turned out great. I had been meaning to make this for about a month but didn't seem to find the time. It was nice to spend extra time with my girl with an old Wham CD playing in the background so I could relive my youth!!

More outside time later on and T1 was back to racing his RC car around the court while his sister rode her bike. THis mild winter is crazy - love it but am nervous of it at the same time!

T2 had craft class and T1 spent some time on his computer. When it was time to shut the laptop down he grabbed a history book and read until after I had turned my light off to go to sleep. I didn't even care that it was after midnight - if he's reading then I'm not going to stop him!

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