Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Do I miss it?

It's only day 3 but I seriously don't miss TV at all. I have read more and got more things done without my nightly viewing. It's awesome!!

Today was another great day. The kids are adapting and did not ask to watch anything at all. I did have lots of chores to do this morning so T2 did play on the computer a fair bit but the games were problem solvers so I know she was learning from them and following steps to move to each level.

Once again we were able to play outside -something T2 found less fun than TV but this week is eager to spend as much time as she can - usually it ends up with me begging her to come inside because I am too cold. IF she were out back she could be alone but I prefer to be out front with her.

It has now been a month since I made the move to a vegan diet. I won't call myself vegan yet because I am still wearing some leather shoes that I already have and I'm still finishing up non vegan toiletries and so on but the eating part has been just fine. I have barely craved cheese and chocolate which were the things I found hardest to bid farewell to. I have been cooking way more to find new recipes and I certainly have found some great ones. Also I've been making our laundry soap and that is awesome. I feel good every time I scoop some out and my laundry is really clean and doesn't feel like there's any residue on it.

I'm turning 40 this year and so far I feel great about about the changes I am making as I say goodbye to my thirties.

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