Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I had no idea

When we were deliberating schooling at home, we were considering the needs of our kids - mainly in terms of education. We wanted T1 to be able to learn in a less chaotic environment in his preferred style. T2 thrived in public school but there were many things about public school that didn't thrill me and we also had to consider whether it would work to homeschool one while having another in public school. Ultimately we decided that it made more sense to keep her home too this year and reevaluate next year.

I guess I hadn't considered how our time at the dining room table (our table work spot) would bring the three of us closer together. I thought there would be more prompting by me to stay on task aimed at T1 and I expected T2 to chatter more and irritate T1. Not the case so far. It is only week two but our table time has been very civilized. T2 has been asking for more work and T1 has taken it seriously and isn't procrastinating or day dreaming and this is WITHOUT his meds. Yayyyyyy
I have discovered how much I enjoy researching and planning our work and watching my kids enthusiasm compared to the groans when it was time to go to school.

Yesterday we celebrated homeschooling with a group of other homeschoolers at a park. It was weird seeing so many school aged kids on a playground on a school day!It was nice to have the opportunity to have a fun outing and then do our work when we got home (although I do prefer completing table work before lunch when possible). I was also proud of myself for driving to an unknown destination on the highway because I have avoided high way driving for many years and rarely drive outside my comfort zone. T1 made a friend instantly. A sweet 8 year old boy. they had so much in common and they didn't care that there was almost a 2 year age gap.

Today we have completed our table work early so we can attend a matinee showing of Marmaduke at our local movie theatre and then we have an awesome art project planned for when we get home and T1 will review the movie for our monthly newspaper which we will make and send to the Grandparents so they can see what we have been up to and to keep for our records.

Despite some mild stress regarding providing an adequate education, I am finding this to be just an amazing experience. I know there will be days when things do not do great or we are all cranky and feel like we are not achieving anything but for now I feel such a peace about it and so inspired, rewarded and it feels so right. I wish we had started years ago.

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Crisa said...

I love this! I'm actually sad that I read it because I've been thinking about homeschooling more and it makes my heart ache. I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to read about your journey.