Monday, September 20, 2010

Canadian shoreline clean up

This week across Canada people are participating in the 16th annual Canadian Shoreline clean up. We were supposed to be meeting up with a group of other HS families who had been assigned a particular location about 40 minutes away but after a night of not feeling too great, I decided to stay closer to home. Armed with gloves, garbage bags and refreshments we drove the whopping 2 minutes to one of our favourite local beaches. The kids call it the rock-throwing-beach because that is typically hat we do there as it is not a sandy beach with a gentle slope of sand into the water but a collection of flat rocks with water lapping up the sides. We chose this stretch because we thought it would more garbage as it is a popular spot for teenagers to hang out around a bonfire leaving fast food containers and pop cans.
It actually wasn't too bad but we picked up every piece of garbage we saw, enjoyed some rock throwing and basking in the Fall sun, had a drink and a snack before heading home with the bag of garbage.
I am glad we were able to participate -even though it wasn't official or anything. I like that the kids are disgusted by what others leave behind and wonder why they would do that. Of course a garbage can there would help but realistically much of it would still most likely have been discarded around the hang out spot.
T2 didn't want me to take his picture.

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