Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple wands and fuzzy pictures

T2 was star of the day in her class earlier this week. One of her tasks that day was to bring in something that began with either a W or a Z. She chose a wand. She then decided that she wanted to make 20 wands for the kids in her class. She wanted to do it all herself so aside from pouring glue and writing the word 'wand' on each one - I let her work by herself. The pictures are poor quality because my regular camera was out of power.

She chose craft sticks and foam stars and wanted to match them by colour. She had to put pink sticks and red stars together as they were the closest match. After sticking a star on each stick, she smothered the stars with glue (there's no such thing as too much glue when you're 4!) and added glitter to "make them sparkle and have magic". When they were dry, she took them to school and passed them out to her classmates proudly.

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