Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Remember me?

So much has changed since I was last here - we're all older and more pets joined the family but the biggest change has been our home. We left our contemporary sub division home and bought an old farmhouse on 3 acres. The house needs a lot of work, mostly cosmetic but a few big ugly jobs too.
A week after we moved in, we adopted 2 pot bellied pigs from our local humane society.  We named them Nelly and Zeke. They are siblings. They have been with us a month now. Initially they lived in our run down sun room but are now in our barn. Prior to their 6 week stay at the humane society (in separate dog rooms) they had lived in someone's basement. In the next day or so they will finally be able to spend time outside. We just have to secure one last piece of fence. I can't wait to see them rooting around in the grass and enjoying a mud puddle or two!!

Pics to follow....

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