Thursday, April 16, 2015

Busy day on the farm

I was up early and outside long before the kids.this morning. I fed the pigs, mended a fence and made a start on sorting some junk left by the previous owners. It was so peaceful out there with just the birds for company. Anyone who knows me well, knows I am not a fan of country music but as I was getting things done I heard myself starting to compose a (terrible) country song....

I've moved to the country
Left my high tech house behind
Got muddy boots before breakfast
Pigs and chickens on my mind....

I saw this as a sign to move back into town ASAP!!!

We've had amazing weather this week and it has been really interesting watching the property spring to life. The birds are frisky, we have a snake (mr slithers), he likes to hang out below our living room window in the sun. Today we saw a weasel run into the barn where we have also seen voles scurrying. Lots of Hostas are unfurling and the trees are budding. A giant willow behind the shed has a yellow haze so I know it's waking up too.

Today the pigs were able to go outside. We don't know for sure but suspect they have never been outside except for when being transported. We reinforced some fence and added some more where there were spaces and today was to be the big day.
We opened the barn door and then their stall door and they were very confused. Nelly found a patch of their pellet food that had been spilled on the floor and she was content to just stand there and eat it but we called her and shook the food box and she came to the barn door, blinking in the bright sunlight. Out she came and instantly began chewing the grass and oinking. Zeke took more persuading with some food as a lure. Once outside, he wasn't as sure and stayed by Nelly.
It didn't take long for them to start exploring and although they were both unsure of the soft unpredictable ground, their tails were wagging like crazy and it was obvious they were having a blast. A short while ago I opened the barn door and they happily trotted in for their dinner. They are going to sleep well tonight. Tired little piggies.

This farm life is awesome but I still draw the line at country music!!

Having iPhoto issues but I'll add pictures as soon as I'm able

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