Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy brag

T2 started ice skating in December. She had been a couple of times last season but didn't enjoy it at all. Our local homeschool group has a skating session once a week in our town which costs $5 per family per season (Oct-March) which is an amazing deal. When we first went T2 was falling down every two seconds and kind of running clip clip clop. We decided not to sign her up for lessons because she didn't seem to want them and also the homeschool skate is very quiet and everyone is really respectful of the little ones and beginners. I don't skate so she needed to feel comfortable going on by herself with her friends. I knew the bigger kids would help her if needed - they rock! Anyway fast forward a few weeks and she is doing so great and loves it! I am so proud of her enthusiasm and perseverance. Here she is (white coat, bright pink pants)

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