Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hovercraft experiment

Last night we decided to try making a hovercraft. All you need are a balloon, a CD/DVD disc that you no longer need, the pop up lid of either a water bottle or dish soap bottle and some strong glue. Glue the lid in the centre of the disc. I used hot glue which worked perfectly and dries fast. Blow up a balloon and attach it to the closed lid. Be sure to attach the entire neck right to where the balloon becomes round - all the while keeping the air in the balloon (I twisted the 'neck' a few times). When the balloon is fully in place, pop the lid into the open position and see what happens. We had some successes and some failures as you can see...

Balloon was way too small

Balloon wasn't attached well enough

Balloon still not attached well enough

Not enough surface area

Still not enough surface area

Just right : )

Tonight we will try it in the bath and see what happens.

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Jo Tinker C said...

Hi there! I am so pleased that you stopped by at my blog, and I love yours too.

I am glad you liked the galloping horses, my girls have managed 8, but I may end up having to do all the cutting out. Thanks for taking the time to comment, it really mean so much to me. You are a a star, have a groovy day x
Now I am going to read through your blog posts:)