Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday, is it really only Tuesday?

It feels like it should be Thursday and how I wish it were in some ways. G has been away for a couple of days for a business trip and although the days went smoothly, it feels like he was gone longer.

We read our next book for our homeschool book club and tomorrow T2 will be the questioner. She needs to prepare 5 questions to ask the others relating to the book. The book was ok but I preferred the one we read last month.

Today we did a science experiment which should be interesting for the kids to observe each day for the next week. I chose it from this book

The experiment is to demonstrate preservation and decay using three slices of bread. The first slice we kept plain and simply sealed it in a bag. The second slice we toasted to dry it out and sealed in a bag once it had to cooled. The final slice was not toasted but we spread antibiotic cream over one side before sealing that in a bag also. Each day we will check for changes and see if their hypotheses are correct.

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