Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's been a busy one

It has been a busy week - in a good way thankfully. We've had Swimming and horse riding and Brownies, a playdate for each kid, plus square roots, Settlement of New France and it's economic, political and social life, themes of geographic inquiry - locations and environment, Eco-systems, antonyms, synonyms, addition, subtraction, < > and =, animal classification, how animals eat and move, compass points, map legends and Magic Treehouse books among other things. Tomorrow we have co-op and another playdate for T2.

Tonight for dinner I made a curry and it was delicious. I made enough to have some for another day. I love to see things I have made each time I open the freezer : ) The curry recipe came from an awesome blog featuring so many plant based recipes.

Lesson 7 of horse riding and T2 is mounting the horse without hesitation and is confident trotting with her arms outstretched like a plane. She can do 'around the world' without being held (completely turning 360 on the horse while it is standing still - a great way to stretch at the end of each lesson) and jumps off without a second thought. It is so fun watching her confidence grow each week and she just loves this 14.5 hand horse Cruise (Control). She is doing a great job with horse grooming before and after each ride as well and loves to feed Cruise a treat at the end.

 T2 made a doll out of craft supplies

T2 and I did a craft a couple of days ago using a dollar store picture frame. We took out the back and discarded it and took the glass out of the frame. I printed off some leaf images and T2 arranged them under the glass and using a glass marker she drew the leaves on the glass and painted them using glass paint (we got our paints at Michaels). When the paint was dry I put the glass back in the frame and hot glued around the edge to hold the glass in place. It looks really pretty when the sun shines through it.

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