Sunday, December 18, 2011

That Crazy Elf

This year we have an Elf on our shelf.

Her name is Starlight.

Apparently we got a really naughty Elf - she might look innocent but she is not.

Her antics thus far.....

Adorned the tree with underwear

Drank the cooler dry

Dyed the dogs blue (diluted food colouring)

Toilet papered the main floor

Marshmallow war

Fun with the copy machine

Decorated the interior of the family mobile

Elf feast

Elf graffiti - yep it's permanent

Flour snowball fight (also all over kitchen floor)

Brown sugar desert island

Sleeping mustaches

Apologies for photo quality - only had my phone available


tier1 said...

wow nic pics all are...

Marissa Ibarra said...

Just great!!! You make me smile! :) Greetings From México...