Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One of the many, many things...

.....I love about Home schooling is the freedom it gives us. We can plan our day in any way we wish to suit our mood, the weather, appointments, trips, energy level etc. Today I felt we needed to use up some energy and I was bored of walking or playing fetch with the dogs so I called the YMCA where we have family membership and booked a racquetball court. Usually G takes the kids and I make use of the alone time to get some stuff done or just to enjoy some peace and quiet. I had never played before but figured my 11 (shhhh I know my profile says I have a 10 year old but I am still in denial) and almost 6 year olds wouldn't be too judgmental.


T1 watched me miss shots or fumble with a look of despair and even though I managed to return the ball many times - apparently I am just "not as good as Dad" sigh. T2 didn't seem to notice thank goodness!

But despite being a total disappointment on the court to T1 - we had lots of fun. We'll definitely do this again - why oh why didn't I think of this in the thick of winter? Live and learn!