Monday, March 21, 2011

Lesson learned - hopefully

I returned a bunch of library books today. Overdue library books. The fines - $67 - ouch.
This ticked me off - OK they were overdue but all kid books on a kid's card. I think there should be a cap on the amount that can amass. Where I grew up there was no fines on kid books when loaned on a kid card and that remains the same today. Anyway I didn't pay up, I just used a different card which I had to clear the $11 owing on that one leaving me with one other card with $26 owing. It might be hard to believe but I am actually pretty good at returning books. We borrow 40-100 most weeks so there are always a few that get squirreled away in T1's room and get forgotten about or in the side pockets in the van or whatever.

I feel kind of sick about it to be honest. I could do a lot with that $67.....

On a fun note though - T2 and I reached our goal of reading 500 library storybooks. To count each book could only be counted once even if we read it several times and only library fiction counted. We are celebrating tonight and heading to our next goal of 1,000


Donna said...

Our Library has an amnesty each year and if you bring in cans of non perishable foods they will wipe all your fines. I love it and use this every year because when you have up to 20 books each and a few kids it ads up so fast.
I love your blog. I found it while googling for Easter bonnet ideas. i love the wobbly egg. I'll have to make them and will credit link you when i do. thanks

Jill said...

I feel so bad when I get fines but I always have a good reason. Sigh.

Good job on reading 500 books together. I wish I had been counting with Katie. That sounds so fun to have goals like that and what an accomplishment.