Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 12 and a bump in the road

Last week was our twelfth week of HS and it was the week of the bump in the road. It was the week where I wanted to change my name and check into a hotel for a couple of days for some serious me time. We managed three fairly good days of school work and an awesome social afternoon with friends but I felt on the edge of losing it all week. I had very little patience, the kids were bothering each other all the time and suddenly everything seemed to be my responsibility. I felt like the house was a wreck, the dog's shedding seemed out of control, I couldn't think what to make for meals, I felt even fatter than usual, everything seemed to be piling up. Surprisingly, I didn't question the decision to HS or want to run down to our public school in a deranged manner dragging two kids behind me to drop them off. I just felt a bit lost. I didn't cry, I didn't shout but I was simmering all week.

I woke up this morning feeling more like my old self and we had an awesome school day, the kids (mostly) got along, I worked out and the towering laundry pile didn't overwhelm me. Even knowing G would be working late couldn't spoil my mood.

I knew there would be weeks like this. I am pleased we had ten good weeks before a bad week. I hope we have many more good weeks before the next bad one hits! One thing I am glad of is that it is a new week and so far this week is off to a way better start!

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