Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Around the world - first stop..... FRANCE

I wanted to begin exploring the world with T1 and T2 by choosing a new country each week and learning about it through books, listening to music, eating foods popular to that country, learning their flag and a few words from their language.

T1 chose France for the first destination because he already speaks French pretty well and loves the Eiffel Tower and TGV! He has also been there via the Channel Tunnel but he wasn't actually born yet!

I wanted to make passports that we could stamp after 'visiting' each country and was very excited to find this one.

We printed and filled in our names and dates of birth (must add photos!). On the first page we wrote 'France' and drew the French flag. We stamped our arrival date.

We had a great time learning about France and T1 enjoyed teaching us some French words and correcting us when we messed up (he loved that part!!).

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