Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random interview with 4 year old

I decided to ask T2 a bunch of random questions....

What is your favourite colour? Pink and Purple
What is your favourite animal? Pigmy Marmoset
What is your favourite food? Pizza
What colour are your eyes? Greeny blue
What colour is your hair? Brown
What do you like to play with? my pony and stuffed animals
Who is your best friend? Kaitlyn Morgado
What does a donkey say? heeee honk
What does a cow eat? hay and so does a horse
Where do bananas come from? sometimes from the store and sometimes from trees I think
How do you make a sandwich? All you have to do is put something on the bread and then I put another piece of bread on top - that's how I make a sandwich
Where do worms live? Holes and in apples
How many feet do you have? 2
What letter does your name start with? tuh Teee
What does Mommy like to eat? salad
What does Mommy like to drink? club soda
Where does coffee come from? coffee stores like Tim Hortons
What do you want to be when you grow up? A fireman girl
How do you feel today? Good and I don't think I sneezed anymore

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Ally said...

Cute, I should do this with my oldest!