Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Getting there

After way more computer problems than I ever thought possible - it seems we are on our way to have both computers healthy once more. G still has to reinstall a bunch of things and locate files but everything seems to be working so far yayyyyyyyyyy

We've been busy around here settling into school - grade 4 for T1 and K for T2. Both seem very happy with their new school and teachers. Of course back to school has meant all kinds of things coming home with the kids - field trip forms, library books, mail, mail and more mail and of course germs and it has been snot central around here for a month but thankfully nothing serious.

Today we awoke to the first frost of the season - it looked so pretty outside with the grass glistening. I am excited to see what it's like in our new surroundings when we get snow - a pretty sight I am sure.

I've been batch cooking and stocking up the freezer, planning for upcoming festivities - Halloween and of course December celebrations. We just enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend here with a trip to a conservation area Thanksgiving festival which was so much fun - pics to follow.

Today after I had completed some of the chores on my never ending list, I wrapped up warm and sat out on the deck. It was so nice out there - bright and sunny, cool and crisp - soon it will be too cold to be outside more than is necessary so I need to remind myself to make the most of it while it's pleasant outside.

As soon as my photo software is reinstalled I will add some pictures of what we have been up to lately.

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