Monday, January 14, 2013


Im trying to get into a rhythm for 2013 but I seem to be highly disorganized and suffering from some kind of festivities hangover but I feel close to finding my groove once more.

Here's our school room but it's really just a place to keep everything together because most of the learning happens in other areas of the house

I decided to give Sue Patrick's work box system a try with T1 and T2. I decided not to use her style of work boxes but to use the file box method because I want the work to be portable and as most things that will go in there are papers and not manipulatives - I don't need shelves with 24 boxes. Each child has a file box

Containing 12 hanging file folders. Each folder has a velcro dot in the centre at the top. I printed off work box labels from homeschoolcreations and attached velcro dots on the back so I can attach the subject to the front of the folder. When that task is completed the label gets moved to a velcro dot on the front of the file box to show it has been completed. We are now into our second week and I love it. Not only do we get the things done I really want them to do but all the other miscellaneous activities that we never seem to have time for get put in there too. Not every day sees everything completed but most of it does.

T1 likes having a schedule but does not seem to like any work I give him but that is his nature so I don't take it personally!

T2 likes looking to see what she has to do next and loves moving the label to the front of her box to show she has completed a task. I notice with her that she is no longer asking how much work there is to do and she is working more independently which is great. She especially likes finding craft or sewing activities mixed in with her math and language arts!

By putting a blank notecard in one of the folders each day, I have been able to get T2 to write and illustrate all her thank you cards - a task I admit often gets forgotten in the post holiday chaos. Now it is up to me to take them to the post office and get them mailed - I think I need a work box with a reminder in it to do that.

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