Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We just enjoyed a month of free trial to Time4learning. This site is really good. It's easy to navigate both for adults and kids and the activities are appealing to kids in terms of graphics and sound and keeping them interested. My 6 year old had no idea how much she was learning as she played the games. My 12 year old was well aware of the nature of the site but was very willing to spend time on it, especially doing science. Willingness from said 12 year old is a big deal!!

I really liked the feedback for parents which showed exactly what the kids had been doing, for how long each session and how they scored on quizzes. On those crazy days when time for more formal learning is limited, I especially liked this site because the kids could work on there while I prepped dinner or whatever else needed doing. Also for the 12 year old, I found he worked well on this site late in the evening when his sister was sleeping. Usually he would not be interested in any type of obvious learning activity at that point in the day.

It was reassuring to me that they were able to work through at their grade level. I think many homeschooling parents fret from time to time about whether their children are where they should be academically and using time4learning reassured me that we are on track.

We plan to continue to subscribe to this site

This review is 100% the opinion of the author More Mom Time. I was not paid to review this site.


tier1 said...

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Michelle P said...

I know having the kiddos being able to go as farther as they wanted to with T4L is what hooked me over 5 years ago!! I use it the same way when I have one of those days where we don't get to do any one on one studies at least I know that I am not slacking too much!! My boys even made sure to do their T4L even when they were sick OR we were out all day. A plus in my book that they liked it enough not to miss a day!!
Maybe I will see you on the forums!!Happy Homeschooling!

binboy said...

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