Friday, July 24, 2009

Super easy beach game for 2 or more people

Build a sandcastle or sand mound, Place a shell or rock on the top in the middle, take turn slicing the sand vertically with a small shovel or stick - can be a thin slice but must go all the way through the castle/mound - try not to be the one to make the rock/shell tumble down. Can also be done at home in a sand box or indoors using a glass of flour, and a button slicing with a blunt knife.

JJJuly 2009 mum 056

JJJuly 2009 mum 057

JJJuly 2009 mum 063

JJJuly 2009 mum 064


JJJuly 2009 mum 065

Grandma 1 - T1 nil


Crisa said...

I love it and the kids will too, because it's so much like Don't Break the Ice.

A said...

Totally! It's so simple but challenging!