Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ABC bean bag toss

Last year when T2 was learning her letters and letter sounds, I made this from a shower curtain. I drew the circles using a plate as a template, drew the letters and coloured them with permanent markers. Either she would throw the bean bag and then name the letter/letter sound it landed on or I would ask her to aim for a certain letter. We also used it for jumping on certain letters. It's still fun now, even though she knows the letters, now she gets to work on her aim!!


Anonymous said...

I second your opinion on this matter. Personally I have a child that suffers from ADD, and this aspect of child development has left me puzzled on the options that I can take up. Sometimes I am just at my wit's end.

Aimee Larsen said...

I love this. Thank you for sharing. I'll be linking up over at so stop by and visit us tomorrow for your feature. Thank yoU!